The short story has the ability to transcend the reader from the words on the page to the world the writer created.


We were not disappointed as the writers have expressed the notion of life experiences in beautiful, provocative and imaginative ways. (We currently do not have a fiction category for this issue.)

Poetry is the language of the hopeful, the religion of the cynical and the spirit of unrelenting honesty.

​They are bold; written to shock and disturb. The writers are engaging and the content provokes thought into what creation is and what our world can become.

Creative nonfiction is a personal in depth look at reality. It engages the ticking moments of life which enhance the senses.

The narratives submitted were beyond incredibly interesting.  They managed to hone in on themes that allow you to rethink humanity and invite you to relive youth and escape in whimsy.

The Editor's Choice

It Falls Hard
By Pearl Owens
The Dream
By Louise Willis

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